Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language therapy supports expressive, receptive, play, and cognitive communication needs. A Speech Pathologist, also known as an SLP, has advanced training in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and helping prevent disorders related to speech, language, social skills, cognitive-communication, voice, feeding, swallowing, and language fluency as well as specialized training in sensory integration and primitive reflexes. Speech & Language therapy at Sprouts may include the following tools:
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Social scripting
  • Activity schedules
  • Social skills groups
  • Cognitive skills development
  • Social stories
  • Video modeling    

Feeding Therapy (SOS)

The SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding program is an effective way to address problematic feeding behaviors in a variety of settings and populations. Parents and caregivers of children who will not eat are faced with a difficult and often puzzling challenge. Because the interplay between weight gain and a child’s experience of food can be complicated, there is rarely an easy solution when a feeding problem arises. The SOS Approach uses a transdisciplinary team approach which assess the “whole child”: organ systems, muscles, development sensory, oral-motor, learning/behavior, cognition, nutrition and environment. (Star Center)

The SOS Approach focuses on increasing a child’s comfort level by exploring and learning about the different properties of food and allows a child to interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way, beginning with the ability to tolerate the food in the room and in front of him/her; then moving on to touching, kissing, and eventually tasting and eating foods. (Star Center)

"Feeding therapy was a great success for our family. After no weight gain for 12 months, my son gained almost 3lbs in just 12 weeks. With this change came an increased confidence around mealtimes, an increase in food selections and most importantly, an increase in quantities being eaten. "Food school" became one-on-one time that we enjoyed every week. The sessions were fun, which translated into having fun mealtimes at home. The suggestions I learned from the therapists have changed the way our family looks at meals and we are very happy to see the results. Thank you to Sprouts for making mealtimes enjoyable!" --Parent

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