Miss Crystal and the Sprouts Therapy therapists have filled an enormous void in Hawaii for pediatric OT. They have been able to help my son overcome numerous sensory issues and developmental delays in such a fun way that he sees Sprouts Therapy as a reward. And this sensory clinic is not a cold sterile office setting but rather the best playground ever! Now he's doing so many things I never thought he could in such a short period of time. The Sprouts Therapy team has been a godsend!
Our family is incredibly thankful to the therapists at Sprouts Therapy. Within weeks of our 4 year old son receiving therapy from the wonderful therapists at Sprouts Therapy we began to notice a significant positive change in his mood and behavior. The therapists not only provided therapy for our son, but they provided much needed guidance to our family on how we can provide our own form of therapy for him at home in our everyday lives. They helped us understand our son's disorder so we could better understand how to help him. The change in our son since going to Sprouts Therapy has been amazing. He is so much more happy, calm and confident. We will always be thankful to the incredibly talented and kind therapists at Sprouts Therapy.
"I wanted to say how much I appreciated your help, especially when I first started taking my daughter to Sprouts and had recently lost all my support. People like you, that actually care are a rarity. I know that you didn't need our business but you still tried so hard to help and I really needed that. Again thank you, you truly are an angel" ----Parent- Jan 2017