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Therapy Services

Sprouts Therapy, LLC is a pediatric habilitation program offering intensive occupational, speech, physical and feeding therapy on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We provide brain, motor and sensory based treatment promoting independence, community integration, fine/gross motor skill development, communication and social skill development. We are therapist-operated and committed to providing the highest quality of therapy to children with a variety of disabilities.

Evaluations and treatment for children of all ages living with the following:
-Sensory Processing Disorders
-Attention Deficit Disorders
-Sensory-based Learning Difficulties
-Learning Disabilities
-Motor Incoordination (Hypotonicity/Hypertonicity)
-Down Syndrome
-Cerebral Palsy, Spine Bifida, Torticollis

-DIR/Floortime/Play-Base Therapy Approach
-Intensive Intervention Programs
-Integrated Listening Systems
-Sensory Integration Treatment
-Alert Program
-Sensory Rich Treatment Environments
-SOS Feeding Approach

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