Cancellation fees: All cancellations including same day illness that do not provide Sprouts Therapy with at least 24 hours prior notice to the date and time of service will be charged a $75.00/hour fee, unless a makeup session is scheduled within 1 week of the cancelled session.

No Show

No Show fees: All no shows will be charged a $75.00/hour no show fee.

Late Pick Up and Late Arrival

Late Pick Ups: All late pick-ups will be charged a $45 dollar late pick up fee the initial 5-15 minutes tardy picking up child from his/her session. For every 15-minute interval of time your child remains at Sprouts Therapy you will be charged an additional $25.00.

Late arrivals: Will result in a shortened session with the full amount of the session fee still due. If your session is covered by insurance, a late arrival fee of $25 for each 15 minute interval your child is tardy will apply, as this time cannot be charged to your insurance provider. If your package includes iLs therapy, the session may not be able to be administered by the program therapist if the client is late.


*Note- If the treating therapist determines your child should not proceed with a therapy session due to illness, no fees will apply. You are to inform the treating therapist of all of your child’s health conditions as they occur. The therapist will inform you if your child should not proceed with a therapy session due to a health condition.