COVID Status Update

Operations Status

Face Mask Requirements at Sprouts Therapy

Wear CDC-recommended face coverings.

Social Distancing at Sprouts Therapy

While we are open, we will continue to honor social distancing and health authority recommendations. Please note the following:

Cleaning Procedures at Sprouts Therapy

We will continue to implement our updated policies and preventative measures discussed in previous emails and following all CDC guidelines: All sessions will be ending early to allow time for therapists to debrief with parents on child’s session as well as clean equipment between clients.

Safety Guidelines at Sprouts Therapy

We want to continue to partner with our families to keep us all healthy and safe. Our clinic will continue to implement the following policies:

Current Clients- Traveling?

Please refer to the CDC precautions for traveling:
If you will be in quarantine upon returning to Hawaii, please speak to your therapist prior to your travels. As an alternative to in clinic sessions, your child can participate in teletherapy during their quarantine time if recommended by your therapist. Your child can resume services once quarantine ends. We appreciate your assistance in the care of your children and all others at Sprouts. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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